Reports of clashes between US Navy and Houthis in the Red Sea.

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According to some unconfirmed sources, clashes between the Houthis and the US Navy are ongoing in the Red Sea.

Yesterday, the US Navy targeted the boats of the Houthis, in which ten Houthis were killed. At that time, the Houthis were trying to seize a Maersk ship. The UK then announced that it would launch a massive strike against the Houthis. The US Navy in the Red Sea also said that they are fully prepared, just waiting for permission to attack. According to the sources, another country will join the strike along with the US and the UK. This third country could possibly be France.

This morning, there were more than 25 naval ships around Yemen. According to reports received some time ago, clashes between the US Navy and the Houthis have started, but no more information could be revealed about it.

First action under OPG in Red Sea. 10 Houthis killed.

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