The Indian Navy has seized the biggest drug haul in India’s history.

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The Indian Navy and the Anti-Narcotics Bureau on Tuesday seized a consignment of around 3300 kg of drugs from a beach in the Indian state of Gujarat in a joint operation.

The Indian Navy has said that 3089 kg of hashish, 158 kg of methamphetamine and 25 kg of morphine have been seized during this operation.

In terms of quantity, this is the largest consignment of drugs seized in India.

According to the Indian Navy, based on information received from a P8I LRMR aircraft on a surveillance mission and confirmation from the Narcotics Bureau, a naval warship was dispatched to the suspicious boat in the sea.

Shortly after the departure, Indian warships intercepted the suspicious boat near the Maritime Boundary Line off the coast of Gujarat.

On February 27, the seized drug-laden boat and its crew were handed over to agencies responsible for maintaining law and order near Indian ports.

Five suspected foreign nationals have been detained in this case. Their connection with Pakistan is being suspected.

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah has congratulated the Narcotics Control Bureau, Indian Navy and Gujarat Police for the success of this operation.

The Deputy Director General of NCB wrote that in this joint operation of Indian Navy, NCB and ATS branch of Gujarat Police, about 3300 kg of drugs have been recovered. It is the country’s largest sea catch in terms of quantity and record. The largest quantity of hashish and drugs has been seized in it.

According to reports, the NCB has conducted three operations in collaboration with the Indian Navy in the last two years. In February 2022, 221 kg of methamphetamine was seized from the coast of Gujarat. In October 2022, 200 kg of high-grade heroin was seized from the coast of Kerala. In May last year, the NCB claimed to have seized 2,500 kg of methamphetamine worth Rs120 million (Indian currency) from a ship coming from Pakistan.

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