Best Place To Leave In The US:

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Ybor City (Tampa), Florida

It’s simple to understand why: Tampa is best place to live, sunlit climate. Swift access to renowned beaches. First-rate sports teams. A thriving economy. No state income levy. However, this year, we aim to acknowledge precisely where it’s deserved. Numerous elements that render Tampa such an great locale are centered in Ybor City, the region’s indisputable cultural hub.

Best Place To Leave In The US

Also recognized as Cigar City, Ybor is situated just north of the harbor, Port Tampa Bay, and is a historic blend of Cuban, Spanish, and Italian immigrants. The local architecture, art, and cuisine are all the more vibrant for it. A main thoroughfare — 7th Avenue — intersects the neighborhood and showcases boutique shops, acclaimed cuisine, lively venues, and cozy eateries; many nestled inside old, impeccably-maintained cigar factories. The street is affectionately dubbed La Setima (a mix of Spanish and Italian for “seventh”). Here, roosters are permitted to roam freely, adding an extra touch of vibrancy and panache to an already eccentric district.

Best Place To Leave In The US

Enhancing its cachet, Ybor is among the most pedestrian-friendly districts in Tampa and, according to Florida norms, offers abundant public transportation choices. A complimentary streetcar network links Ybor to the downtown area. From the harbor, a cross-bay ferry swiftly transports you to adjacent St. Petersburg in less than an hour. Additionally, a rapid rail system is in development, slated to directly link Ybor to Orlando and subsequently to Miami.
For years, Ybor has been a dynamic place to reside and work, but its prospects appear even more promising. Additional biking infrastructure is scheduled to improve connectivity between the neighborhood and other popular spots in Tampa, and a substantial development project — set to transform Ybor’s waterfront zone into a pedestrian-friendly district featuring thousands of fresh residences, green areas, a boardwalk, and a pier — was recently announced in 2024.

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