First action under OPG in Red Sea. 10 Houthis killed.

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The US forces targeted Houthi boats in the Red Sea.

The first action of Operation Prosperity Guardian was witnessed in the Red Sea. The Houthis attempted to seize a container ship by launching an attack, but the US forces thwarted their attempt. A helicopter from the USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group opened fire on the boats attempting to take control of the container ship, resulting in the death of 10 Houthis and several others getting injured. The injured were rescued by the associates.

The US military said it had destroyed several small boats operated by the Iran-backed Houthis after the rebels attacked and tried to board a container ship.

The Houthis reacted to the coalition of 39 countries against them.

A proposal for a direct attack on the Houthis at the Pentagon.

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