Zelensky and fear, together in Argentina.

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Unlike traditional politicians in Argentina, there has been an individual who wants to do something different. He’s being called the “Donald Trump” of Argentina. Yes, we’re talking about Javier Mili.His swearing-in ceremony was attended by well-known personalities of the world.

Zelensky was also there and it was there that he announced the peace talks. This is an optimistic situation. Ukraine’s donors are busy somewhere else, so this is a bold move. Although in the negotiations, Russia will not return most of the occupied territories of Ukraine.

But this is not the topic of our today’s conversation. Rather, it is the fear that most Argentines have. Javier Mille is a supporter of modern liberalism. He wants to move the country’s economy to the dollar and close the country’s central bank. What will be the results?It has to be seen.Before becoming president, Javier Milli has damaged relations with Brazil, the largest and most important country in Latin America.In addition, he wants to leave BRICS.

BRICS is being seen as an anti-US organization in the world. And that’s why Millie wants to get out of it. But according to sources, he won’t be able to do that. Because his position is very weak.The people of Argentina are holding their breath and weighing all the possibilities. Some want Javier Milli to keep his promises. While the rest are afraid of their economic collapse.

I don’t want him to become president again. Zelensky’s wife

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