Zaluzhiny removed the adviser after her strange statement.

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The commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Zaluzhiny, removed his voluntary advisor, Alla Martynyuk.

Earlier, Zaluzhiny’s advisor said:
“There is no need to be afraid to send children to the front since everyone will die anyway”.

Motivating people to join the military, she added: “No need for this hysteria. We will all die anyway. We are not eternal. But even if it happens, leaving life with dignity is much better than walking down the street and getting hit by a brick.”

After these statements, Zaluzhiny removed her and wrote: “I would like to inform you that as of December 28, 2023, I do not have any voluntary assistant consultants,”

According to Zaluzhiny, Zelinsky’s claim is a lie.

Zaluzhiny refused to answer a question about the counter-offensive.

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