Why was the US absent during the Gaza ceasefire resolution in the Security Council?

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The UN Security Council has finally passed a resolution on the Gaza ceasefire. Malta presented the resolution, which received approval from twelve countries, while three countries abstained. The absent countries include Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Russian ambassador cited the lack of a mechanism for a permanent ceasefire based on humanitarian grounds as the reason for their abstention.

The Security Council’s resolution calls for a humanitarian ceasefire and the establishment of a secure corridor to evacuate the wounded, along with the delivery of aid to Gaza.

UK and the US, close allies of Israel, have not yet stated the reasons for their absence.

According to sources, the US government is facing strong criticism from its people and other friendly nations due to the support of indiscriminate bombing of Israeli on gaza hospitals and residential areas.

According to a recent survey in the US, there are remain only 27% supportive of Israel, a significant decrease from the initial days of the recent conflict when the support was at 42%.

It was also reported that 500 top US government officials wrote an open letter criticizing the government’s Israel policy.

On a global scale, there was concern that the United States was losing its credibility in the Middle East, posing a serious threat to American interests.

The decision not to block the recent ceasefire resolution by the Us government is a strategic move to maintain public support and uphold its global image.

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