What weapons is Hamas using against Israel?

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How many weapons does Hamas have? It is impossible to predict. But we do know what kind of weapons they are using.

The bulk of Hamas’ weapons come from a weapons factory located inside the Gaza Strip. The Israelis believe that the help of Iranian experts was taken to build this factory. However, some weapons also come from outside, such as Kornet guided anti-tank missiles, which are believed to be brought from Egypt through tunnels.

The weapons that Hamas manufactures itself inside the Gaza Strip are mostly made from scrap materials. Some weapon components include compressed gas cylinders, internal combustion engines, cameras, and guidance antennas that may be derived from objects that are not restricted in movement. While they can also be made from recycled materials. He is also recycling exploding Israeli bombs and getting metal and wires from destroyed buildings.

Weapons in possession of Hamas

1) Missiles

Members of Hamas are using wide range of missiles in the ongoing conflict with Israel. Among them, the shortest range missile is Qassam, which has a range of up to 10 km. While the longest range missile is named M-302 and has a range of up to 200 km.

Hamas continues to fire missiles at Israel, but Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepts most of them.

Given the range of these weapons, it is not difficult to imagine that every corner of Israel is targeted by Hamas. What saves Israel at this level is its air defense system.

What weapons is Hamas using against Israel?

2) Anti-tank missiles

Hamas has anti-tank missiles to destroy Israeli tanks, including North Korean-made Bolsai anti-tank missiles and Russian-made Kornet missiles.

Another anti-tank missile in frequent use against Israeli tanks in Gaza is the Yasin 105. According to an estimate, Hamas has at least 2,000 Yasin 105 missiles, which is quite a large stockpile.

3) Al-Asif, Torpedo

In late October, Hamas released a video unveiling a new weapon, the al-Asif torpedo (water projectile), which it said was also used in the October 7 attack. This weapon is an unmanned or remotely operated underwater vehicle. It is designed for underwater operations. It is a complex device. According to experts, only workshops capable of 3D printing can make such weapons.

4) F7 RPG

The F-Seven RPG can be seen prominently in videos of the October 7 attack by Hamas. It was also used in clashes with Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

A special feature of the F-Seven RPG is its short reload time and is considered particularly effective against heavy vehicles.

This weapon is made in North Korea. South Korea’s official news agency has cited intelligence information and said that weapons made by North Korea are being used by Hamas in Gaza. However, North Korea is denying these allegations.

5) The Shawaz

It is an improvised explosive device used to detonate nearby vehicles. The device consists of a metal disc, usually made of copper, on top of which explosives are placed.

Upon detonation, the copper disc transforms into a projectile capable of destroying armored vehicles.

6) Firearms

Hamas operatives also carry an assortment of guns, including AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades, long-range sniper rifles, heavy machine guns and Iranian-made rifles.

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