What we know about Taiwan’s elections and presidential candidates?

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According to sources, after eight hours of voting, polling stations have just closed in Taiwan.

The Central Elections Commission said that a manual count is conducted in the polling station in front of witnesses who observe the process.

What do we know about Taiwan’s presidential candidates?

Taiwan is a disputed territory that China claims as part of its territory, but it is currently making its own decisions independently. The US wants to see Taiwan as an independent state and provides military support to Taiwan. However, the US does not want a direct conflict with China over the issue, so it continues to assure Chinese officials that it considers Taiwan a part of China.

This election of Taiwan is very important. In this election, there are people on one side who want close relations with China and on the other side there are people who want complete independence from China.

Before this election, China warned the US not to interfere in Taiwan’s election. China feared that the US could interfere in the election and elect a president of its own choice, which would further widen the gap between China and the Taiwanese administration.

Let’s take a look at the list of Taiwan’s presidential candidates.

  • Lai Ching-te:
    A candidate from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, is a medical doctor by education and has been in politics for 30 years. He is ready to pursue a tough policy to achieve Taiwan’s independence from the mainland and close cooperation with Western partners;
  • Hou Yu-ih:
    A candidate from the opposition Kuomintang Party is an ex-policeman and ex-mayor of Taiwan’s Xinbei city. He opposes the island’s independence and supports normalization of relations with China, but does not intend to discuss the possibility of reunification with the mainland with Chinese authorities;
  • Ko Wen-je:
    Candidate from the Taiwanese People’s Party founded by him in 2019, a well-known surgeon, ex-mayor of the Taipei city. He enjoys broad support from young people, positions himself as an alternative to the two largest parties, is ready for dialogue with Beijing and maintaining the status quo, offers to maintain peace through deterrence and communication.

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