We have achieved the majority but efforts are being made to change the results: PTI

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“In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful today was a very difficult day for the democratic aspect of Pakistan. People had to come out for the sake of their freedom and vote in maximum number. Alhamdulillah, today was a peaceful day and more people cast their vote in support of Imran Khan’s voice. According to the current records sent to us by the polling agents or form 45 we have received, we are getting majority in 150 plus seats, national seats all over Pakistan. Similarly we have majority in KPK too. So, God willing, we will form the next government whether it is in the federal government, whether it is in Punjab and whether it is in KPK. God willing, we will form the government in Punjab, in KP and in the federal government. Our majority is coming. Let me also say that Attempts are being made to change the results. Because by the time the results are to come, the results must come by 2 o’clock. There is a time given in the Election Act. All the results and full 100% results have not come till now. My last request to the Election Commission is to announce the results as soon as possible.”

PTI Chairman, Barrister Gowhar Ali said in a video message.

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