US Senator Lindsey Graham called for an attack on Iran.

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US Senator Lindsey Graham once again demanded an attack on Iran. According to him, Iran is supporting the Houthis and if they attack Iran, the Houthis will also be destroyed.

He said: “We are fighting the Houthis. We defeated the Germans and Japanese. We should be able to defeat the Houthis. Pentagon Chief Austin and the Biden Administration are failing our troops on the ground. I admire him, he’s a patriot, but he doesn’t.” t do a good job protecting soldiers. A couple of months ago I asked him, “Joe, is there a red line? Would you tell our enemies publicly that if they kill an American, we will come after them? Without Iran there will be no Houthis.

The Houthis are completely backed by Iran. I’ve been saying for six months now: hit Iran. They have open-air oil fields and the headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps can be seen from space. Erase it from the map. If you really want to protect the soldiers, make it real to the Ayatollah that if they attack the soldiers, we will come to them.”

Houthis attacked a ship in the Indian Ocean for the first time.

France will not take any action against the Houthis. Sources

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