US Prepares to Ban extremist Israeli Settlers.President Joe Biden

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During a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the last days of last month, President Biden said that Israeli settlers are adding fuel to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East,they have to be held accountable.

Now, according to news, President Joe Biden is going to take action against Israeli settlers involved in extremist activities in the West Bank of Palestine.
He says the US is preparing to impose sanctions on settlers involved in attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank.

Earlier, two American lawmakers, Cory Booker and Dan Goldman, wrote to the president that, as you are doing your utmost to prevent the spread of war in the region, we would like to inform you of the violence in the West Bank. especially Israeli settler’s violence.This is a threat to Israeli security, Palestinian human rights and lasting peace in the region.

178 people were killed and hundreds injured in Gaza today.

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