US offers F-16 upgradation to Pakistan in exchange for not buying J-31.

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Pakistan has been demanding F-16 Block 72 from the US for a long time, but the US has not provided these aircraft to Pakistan.

Pakistan was forced by this behavior from the US and started taking aircraft from China. In 2022, the first medium-weight single-engine fighter jet J-10C was ordered from China and inducted into the Pakistan Air Force. Recently, Pakistani sources claimed that Pakistan plans to acquire the fifth generation aircraft J-31 from China. After these cases came to light, the US officials became concerned.

The Pakistani Air Chief had to say about the impact of the inclusion of this aircraft on the Air Force: “The impact of a J-31 acquisition by Pakistan is difficult to predict at this stage because the capabilities and time frames for delivery are so vaguely understood,”

On January 16, US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Bloom met Pakistani Air Chief Zaheer Ahmed Babar.

A spokesman for the Pakistan Air Force said that the ambassador emphasized the importance of exchanging technical capabilities and delegations between the Pakistan Air Force and the US Air Force. The chief of Pakistan Air Force expressed his determination to take the relations between the two countries to new heights.

However, one important thing was not brought to light by the Pakistan Air Force.

Some sources are claiming that Bloom told Pakistan’s Babar that if they stopped buying J31 from China, the US would give them V-kits for F-16.

So far, the officials of any country have not confirmed these things.

However, Pakistan Air Force today said that the foundation has been laid for the addition of fifth generation stealth fighter jets to its fleet of fighter jets with the support of friendly countries.

In the statement issued by the spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force on Tuesday, it was not clarified from which friendly country these planes are being taken, but the statement said. That this increase will prove to be an important milestone in the strategic success of the Pakistan Air Force.

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