Ukraine legalized cannabis for medical purposes.

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Ukrainian parliament legalizes cannabis.

Due to the war with Russia, Ukrainian soldiers and people are living under constant stress. The Russian Forces have repeatedly used powerful missiles to blast targets across the country, with devastating consequences. Many people are believed to be suffering from stress and anxiety.

Ukraine has legalized the use of cannabis to temporarily relieve stress and other mental problems due to the ongoing war. For this purpose, a bill was presented in the parliament, which was voted in favor by 248 out of 401 members.

According to the bill, it will be only for those patients for whom doctors deem it necessary. Patients will only be able to obtain medical cannabis-based medications with an electronic prescription issued by a doctor based on the patient’s condition.

Ukraine’s Health Ministry welcomed the passage, saying that it was a “historic decision,” adding that the law had been significantly revised since the first draft was passed.

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