Ukraine doesn’t respect the Rights of minorities.Hungary

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said: “The EU has nothing to do with strengthening Hungarian-Ukrainian relations, because the question is not whether the country wants to join the EU, but whether it respects the rights of minorities in a particular country.

This is a fundamental question. If a country wants to be a member of the EU, respect for the rights of national minorities must be as clear as the fact that we are both sitting here. But obviously this is not the case. And we do not accept it as a bargaining chip that if Ukrainians respect the rights of minorities, they can join the EU. Enough!

The main condition for all this is the existence of fundamental European laws, rules and values ​​that everyone is obliged to respect. Don’t try to bargain that you will respect the rights of minorities if you get I don’t know what in return.”

Hungary currently does not want to see Ukraine in the European Union.

Preparations to deprive Hungary of its vote in the European Union.

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