Ukraine asked the US for 17 million shells and 350-400 billion dollars.

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Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Zaluzhiny has told US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that 17 million shells and 350-400 billion dollars are needed to liberate Ukraine from Russian occupation.

In addition, Zaluzhiny complained to Lloyd Austin about President Zelensky’s interference in the army’s command and control system.

Sources say that Ukrainian President Zelensky is bypassing the Commander of the Armed Forces and giving direct orders to other commanders.
According to the Ukrainian media, sometimes it seems that Zelensky has two types of armed forces: “good” ones, commanded by Syrsky and other favorites, and “bad” ones, who are subordinate to Zaluzhny. This greatly demotivates the commander-in-chief and, most importantly, prevents him from commanding the entire army.

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