Two wars and two worlds.

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In recent times, two major wars are being fought, and citizens from not only the countries directly involved but also from other nations are actively participating. No one is forcing them to participate in these wars, rather they voluntarily take up arms and join the fighting forces of a country.

Two wars and two worlds.

Russia-Ukraine war

First, we take the Russia-Ukraine war. In this war, citizens of the central Asian countries are fighting side by side with the Russian army, but they are mostly military people and different countries send them to Russia. On the other hand, there is Ukraine. Most of the citizens of Western countries have reached Ukraine to support the Ukrainian army. But now, due to the length of the war, this trend has weakened. These citizens of Western countries are taking part in the war without any pressure or obligation to pay their duties.

Here we can see the effects of the old rivalry between Russia and the West. The people of the former Soviet Union still consider the West as their enemy and are trying to side with Russia. While the Western world is still looking at Russia from the perspective of the old communist Soviet. They think that Russia is a threat to the freedom of the world and it wants to establish its domination over the whole world.

Two wars and two worlds.

Israel-Palestine war

Another war is the Israel-Palestine war. Here, though, only Palestinian people have participated in the fight against Israel But most Muslims, liberals, anti-Zionists, anti-Jews, and communities that oppose all kinds of war around the world have come forward in support of Gaza.

Citizens of some countries have arrived in Israel to fight alongside the Israeli army, but almost all of them belong to the Jewish religion. According to Israeli law, a Jew from any country in the world can fight for Israel.

Here we see the color of religious and historical conflicts as well as the impact of human values and religious oppressive attitudes. There are many factors at play here. The war has been going on for the past century due to Muslim-Jewish animosity and the efforts of both sides to maintain their authority over the holy city of Jerusalem.

The world has been divided into two parts due to the war of this series starting in 2023. Although Israel is more powerful at the diplomatic and military levels, but in humanitarian terms, the Palestinians have won and most of the world’s population is supporting the Palestinians.

“War for gas” or something else?

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