Turkey’s first human space mission: Waves of joy throughout the country

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The SpaceX space shuttle, carrying Turkiye’s first astronaut Alper Gezeravcı, was successfully launched from the United States’ Kennedy Space Center at 12:49 p.m. local time in Turkiye. This vehicle will reach the International Space Station 36 hours after launch.

The mission was launched on January 18 as Axiom Mission 3 from the US Kennedy Space Station to the International Space Station with 4 crew members.

All crew members on Axiom Mission 3 are former military personnel, including former Turkish Air Force officer Alper Gezeravcı.

This is the first citizen of Turkiye who is traveling to space. For this reason, a wave of happiness has spread throughout the country.

“We are stepping into the second century of the Republic of Turkiye with the first human space mission,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

“We are all witnessing a historic moment,” President Erdoğan said in his statement. “We are passing through an era when our common pride has reached its peak. We are entering the second century of the Republic of Turkiye, the first human space program in the Turkish century. As the inheritors of a civilization that has provided services unique in scientific history, we are making a very important new beginning to repeat this mission in history. “We have sent one of our citizens into space for the first time to be a source of inspiration for our youth and our children to look up with their bright eyes.”

Fakhruddin Altun, director of Turkey’s information department, has also expressed his happiness.

Altun said in his post, “Our country’s first human space flight has started. May Allah bless your journey, we are all proud of our country.”

The post also includes footage of the successful launch of the SpaceX space shuttle carrying Geyser Aoji.

Axiom Mission 3

Axiom Mission 3 is called AX3. This is a private space flight to the International Space Station. The flight was launched on January 18, 2024 and will last for about 14 days.

The commander of this mission is Michael López-Alegría, who holds Spanish and American citizenship. Walter Villadei from Italy is playing the role of pilot in this mission, while Alper Gezeravcı from Turkey and Marcus Wandt from Sweden are the mission specialists.

The falcon 9 Block 5 rocket being developed by SpaceX is being used for this mission. This rocket will dock with the space station on January 20.

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