They think Putin is the Night King and Ukraine is Winterfell.

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Russia started the war by attacking Ukraine. The European Union and the US came forward to help Ukraine. Now, seeing the length of the war, many people in Europe and the US are against giving more aid to Ukraine. While those who want to give aid to Ukraine are threatening them that if aid is not given to Ukraine, the next number will be yours. Russia will attack you next.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says that if Putin gets Ukraine, then he will attack the rest of the countries and the government will send your children to fight him.

Ukraine also understands something like this. Zelensky has said many times that we are fighting a war for Europe. This also means that if we lose courage, then Europe will not be safe either.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Iceland said that it is necessary to give aid to Ukraine to stop Russia. If this is not done, it will have bad effects not only on Ukraine but also on other European countries. According to her, defeating Russia is important not only for European security, but also for American security. If Putin wins, he will return.

Considering all these things, it seems that these people think Putin is the Night King and Ukraine is the Winterfell that everyone needs to save. It’s even snowing on the other side of the wall.

Several winters came and went, but no one bothered to ask Putin what was the matter. All the parties could have stopped the war by respecting each other’s interests. But they didn’t.

Now everyone is slowly retreating from the help of Winterfell, the people there are realizing that they are very badly trapped. Untold number of innocent lives have been lost in the battle between the two powers.

We have to look at it from a third angle. Maybe the Night King is not one or two.
They can be many…can live with us…. They can be like us. Maybe we all have a dead army hiding somewhere inside us and maybe we are all Night Kings. Because we are the ones who create justification for killing people. And we are the priests of darkness.

But wait a minute.
And think.

If you see the murdered body of an innocent person and cannot find any justification for his end, then come…. So that we mourn our rarity together.

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