“There is a nostalgia-driven partnership between Russia and India.” Kugelman

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According to Michael Kugelman, director of the South Asia Institute at The Wilson Center, India-Russia relations are capable of managing shocks of the world order.

Kugelman said in his tweet: “Modi once said that if you ask an Indian child who is India’s best friend, they’ll always say “Russia.”
That’s still such a telling reflection of how India projects its ties w/Moscow: Time-tested. Multigenerational. Capable of managing the vagaries-and shocks-of the world order.”

He added to explain the depth of Russo-Indian relations: “New Delhi’s messaging about its relationship with Russia emphasizes consistency & stability – a partnership that’s never had a crisis, and a partner that can always be counted on. It’s a nostalgia-driven partnership, but it’s still a substantive one, with multifaceted cooperation.”

The Indian Supreme Court upheld the government’s decision to end Kashmir’s special status.

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