The world’s response to the coalition attack on Yemen.

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“We call on the international community to strongly condemn the attack on Yemen by a group of countries without a UN mandate

We share the concerns of our regional partners and call for intensified efforts to prevent further escalation.”


“We do not want to witness an escalation of tension in the Red Sea region because this negatively affects global trade.”


“The attacks against Ansarullah in Yemen are disproportionate. The US and Britain are trying to turn the Red Sea into a sea of blood.”


“We are following with great concern the developments of the American-British bombing of several cities in the brotherly Republic of Yemen. We denounce the resort to military action by friendly countries while Israel persists in its brutal war without accountability.”


“We condemn the American and British air strikes on Yemeni cities and the aggression they represent against the Yemeni people and a threat to security and stability in the Red Sea region and navigation there.”

Saudi Arabia:

“We are following with great concern the military operations taking place in the Red Sea region and the air strikes on a number of sites in the Republic of Yemen, and we call for restraint and avoiding escalation in light of the events taking place in the region.”


“We condemn the aggression against Yemen and its sovereignty. We believe that expanding the scope of targets does not represent a solution to the problem, rather, it will lead to an expansion of the scope of the war,”


“We strongly condemn the military attacks carried out this morning by the United States and the United Kingdom on several cities in Yemen.”


“The American aggression confirms once again that the US is a full partner in the tragedies and massacres committed by the Zionist enemy in Gaza and the region,”


“The Israeli aggression on Gaza and its continued committing of war crimes against the Palestinian people and violating international law with impunity are responsible for the rising tensions witnessed in the region.”

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