The US offered F-16 to Turkiye in exchange for Sweden’s support in NATO.

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Sweden is trying to join NATO, but Turkiye has always objected and thwarted it. Turkey’s position is that Sweden is supporting terrorists.

Sweden has criticised Turkiye for human rights abuses and over democratic standards, irking politicians in Ankara. Turkiye says Stockholm harbours members of what it considers terrorist groups – a charge Sweden denies – and has demanded their extradition as a step toward ratifying Swedish membership.

The US, along with NATO countries, have tried several times to stop Turkiye from opposing Sweden’s accession to NATO but have not succeeded. Erdogan has recently said: “President Biden has asked Turkey’s Parliament to ratify Sweden’s application for NATO membership in exchange for support for the sale of F-16s.”

Turkey has long wanted to buy Block 72 fighter jets, an advanced version of the F-16 from the US, which could not be obtained due to various reasons. Now, according to the President of Turkiye, Biden has once again offered F-16 Block 72 aircraft to Turkiye in exchange for supporting Sweden’s accession to NATO.

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