The US is supplying white phosphorus to Israel.

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The US government is very concerned after the news of the US supplying white phosphorus to Israel. Lebanese sources and some in Gaza were already claiming that Israel was using phosphorus But no one was paying much attention. Now, an investigative journalist of the Washington Post has claimed that the munitions supplied to Israel by the US, contains white phosphorus.

Earlier, doctors in Gaza said that they were seeing wounds that they had never seen before.
According to a doctor, some of the bodies were burned to the core. According to a Washington Post journalist’s report, Phosphorus was used in the strike which was carried out by Israel on southern Lebanon in October.

The report said: “The manufacturing codes on the projectiles match the nomenclature used by the U.S. military to classify domestically produced ammunition and indicate that they were manufactured at ammunition depots in Louisiana and Arkansas in 1989 and 1992,”

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