The US again declared the Houthis as terrorists

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The United States has again added the Houthi militia to the list of terrorists.

This decision made by the United States against the Houthis will come into effect after 30 days, on February 16, 2024. A senior US administration official told reporters that the decision to blacklist the Houthis would not take effect for 30 days, and could be reversed if the Houthis stop their attacks.

The US Treasury has announced that it will allow certain humanitarian activities even after declaring the Houthi militia a terrorist organization.

Five licenses were published on the website of the US Treasury Department yesterday, which allow for several related operations, in these five humanitarian sectors, the Houthis will not be subject to restrictions.

Earlier, the US Department of State had vowed to impose sanctions on anyone who supports the Houthis.

The US State Department says the Houthis have strengthened their capabilities since being removed from the terrorist list for the first time.

In this context, an American official told reporters that this development will affect Iran and make it difficult for it to continue supporting the Houthis. If Iran continues to support them, Iran will have to bear the consequences.

“We have repeatedly warned the Houthis to stop attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea, but they have not stopped,” the US official added.

He asserted that US military forces with the support of Britain, Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands were able to carry out attacks against several targets in Yemen.

Speaking to reporters, the US official stressed that we do not want to escalate and expand the conflict, nor do we want to harm the Yemeni people.

He added that Houthi activities are not compatible with achieving peace in Yemen and hinder further progress in the implementation of the peace agreement in the region.

Tension btw Houthis and America

It should be noted that the tension between Yemen’s Houthis and the United States arose when the Houthis supported the Palestinians in the ongoing war in Gaza and launched attacks on Israeli ships from the Red Sea last month. After which the United States created an alliance under its leadership in which the navies of different countries are participating. Since last week, the coalition has also launched strikes on Yemen, in response to which the Houthis have justified attacking all American and British interests.

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