The United Nations must be concealed from democratic African wild dogs.

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You may have heard that African wild dogs vote before hunting whether to hunt or not. It is strange that they are more democratic than us in this process. However, they also do a disgraceful thing,as they go out in groups for hunt, their method is that if a dog feels hunger and need for hunt, he sneezes to give his opinion and take the opinion of others.If other dogs sneeze in response, it means they are approving his opinion for hunting. Now the problem arises here.If a powerful dog sneezes, he needs only 3 dogs’ votes to go for hunting, but if a weak dog sneezes, he needs 10 votes for his opinion to be accepted. Isn’t it weird?
But not so much. This method is still better than our human democracy or more than enough.

Although, We should have values different from dogs in every situation. Even if they become morally superior to us.If they take decisions in a democratic way, we should not do it at fact we are not doing it at the world level. The problem is that dogs maybe consider us as human beings. They consider us better than themselves.I’m worried that what if they learn the use of veto power.Then what will we do? – The world will sink… really
The heads of the entire world and all the countries of the world are fools, that is, it is good that God has blessed us with five small gods. They wage war only for our good, they start even a bigger war to stop the war, and if more than 190 countries start trying to end the war peacefully, then one of these gods gets up and immediately silences everyone by saying “veto”. He does well,as everyone else is stupid.

We should pray that these gods shall always remain like this, otherwise what will happen to us?

And yes, the wild dogs of Africa should be kept away from the vicinity of the United Nations chambers. If their powerful dog learns to use a veto from humans,goes to his community and sneezes in a different tone and everyone else thinks that it is a veto against comfort and goes on the hunt, then what difference will remain between us and them? Or if all the other dogs vote to go hunting and the powerful dog uses its veto power by barking so then?

I’m even more afraid of that we may learn democratic behaviour from them. The opinion, consent and disagreement of others have no value in order to go to war in front of our powerful gods. Now if they also start needing two or four sneezes from the rest to go to war, then?

Perhaps you have understood that African wild dogs are very dangerous to human culture, values, ethics and UN principles.

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