“The Paradoxical Legacy of Oppenheimer: Triumph, Tragedy, and the Silver Screen”

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Oppenheimer won a Golden Globe for best drama film of the year. Christopher Nolan won the award for Best Director, and Cillian Murphy took home the award for Best Actor.

The Oppenheimer film is based on the life of Robert Oppenheimer, a famous scientist and creator of the atomic bomb.

On the morning of July 16, 1947, a thin man sat in the control bunker named Robert Oppenheimer. He was the head of the agency that developed the first atomic bomb. The time was approaching for the world’s first nuclear explosion test in the New Mexico desert.

A few seconds before the explosion, Oppenheimer became very serious and began to breathe very shallowly. There was a great silence. Suddenly the ground started to shake. Clouds of smoke started rising towards the sky and rumbling sounds enveloped the entire area. The shock wave was felt up to 160 km away.
A look of satisfaction crossed Oppenheimer’s face.

Within a month, two atomic bombs under Oppenheimer’s leadership were dropped on Japan. At that time, Oppenheimer proudly waved his fist in the air.
But all this did not stop there. Very soon this pride and happiness turned to grief. This was not the first time. Oppenheimer’s personality was full of contradictions. He once tried to feed his teacher by poisoning an apple at Cambridge University. Instead of being expelled from the university, he was taken to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared him mentally ill and said that it was impossible to cure him.

After the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, Oppenheimer’s mood changed once again. He became depressed and loudly opposed the development of more atomic bombs. He even refused to build the hydrogen bomb. “Now I am death. Destroyer of worlds,” he said to himself.

In 1954, the US government opened an investigation against Oppenheimer and revoked his security clearance.

Recently, a movie based on his life was released. According to critics, this movie is the greatest movie of this century. It starred Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders fame.He played the role of Oppenheimer and got the best actor award for this character.

Berlin series released on Netflix. Admirations as well as objections.

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