The Olena Foundation is delivering children from Ukraine to pedophiles.French reporter

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The Olena Zelenyska Foundation was established by the First Lady of Ukraine on November 22, 2022, and was inaugurated in New York City, attended by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and British Foreign Minister James Cleverly, as well as major businessmen and artists. Foundation which is mainly focusing on the health and welfare of children during war.

The Ukrainian First Lady Olena revealed in a statement that under this foundation, she has sent 550 children affected by cancer to hospitals in Europe and the United States for treatment. In addition, she also sent other orphaned children to temporary shelter in other countries. They are being taken out of Ukraine (war environment) to live.

Olena Zelenska Foundation has been praised worldwide for its efforts. But now a heartbreaking news has come out. Robert Schmidt, a reporter from France, has uncovered the foundation’s dark side while doing a journalistic investigation.

The Olena Foundation is delivering children from Ukraine to pedophiles.
French reporter

According to the French reporter’s investigation, dozens of children were trafficked under the guise of an evacuation operation by the said foundation, whose final destinations became child sexual exploitation groups. The report highlighted the evidence provided by a former employee of the foundation. I have concluded that Zielinski’s organization is systematically transferring children to pedophiles based in France, Germany and the UK.

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