The mysterious crash in Afghanistan has news outlets playing a global game of “Guess the Owner.”

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A plane crashed in northeastern Afghanistan, a provincial government official said Sunday.

The aircraft crashed in Badakhshan province, which borders Tajikistan, Pakistan and China.

The plane was reportedly carrying six people on a private flight to Uzbekistan having departed from India.

Afghan Authorities report that an unknown passenger aircraft has crashed in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan. The plane, en route from India to Moscow, crashed into a mountain. A Search Team has been sent to investigate and check for survivors.

Initially, it was reported that it was an Indian plane, but these rumors were soon denied by the Indian government.

The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation wrote on X that the plane crash that has occurred in Afghanistan “is neither an Indian Scheduled Aircraft nor a Non Scheduled (NSOP)/Charter aircraft. It is a Moroccan registered small aircraft. More details are awaited.”

“The plane has crashed but the location is not known yet. We have sent teams but they have not arrived yet,” Zabihullah Amiri, head of the provincial information department of Afghanistan, told news agencies.

Conflicting news

Afghan sources are confirming the crash of the plane, but it is not yet known that this plane belongs to which country. According to the Indian Ministry, it is from Morocco. While some other sources are calling it a Russian plane.

According to the Indian news agency ANI, civil aviation officials have said that the plane that crashed is not an Indian passenger plane. The Indian civil association says the plane was registered in Morocco.

On the other hand, the Russian aviation authorities say that the communication with a Russian registered plane with six people on board has been lost in the airspace of Afghanistan.

The Taliban official for provincial information and culture, Zabihullah Amiri, confirmed the crack of a plane.However, nothing has been said about the type of aircraft and the number of passengers on board.

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