The last French troops left Niger today.

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French troops have finally left Niger – the last 50 French soldiers & officers departed from the country on December 22nd, 2023, thus marking the end of decades of French military presence.

Niger was occupied by France in 1922. Later, on 11 July 1960, France agreed to grant independence to Niger. Independence was declared on 3 August 1960 under the leadership of Prime Minister Diori.

In November, Diori became president. During his presidency, Diori’s government favored the maintenance of traditional social structures and the retention of close economic ties with France.

Links with France remained, with Diori allowing the development of French-led uranium mining in Arlit and supporting France in the Algerian War.

The French Army had been there since independence. However, after the anti-French revolution in Niger, France had to withdraw its army from there and announced the termination of diplomatic relations with Niger.

Today, December 22, 2023, the last French military contingent consisting of 50 personnel and officers left Niger.

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