The Indian Supreme Court upheld the government’s decision to end Kashmir’s special status.

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Regarding Indian Kashmir, the Indian Supreme Court upheld the government’s decision to end the special status of Kashmir. After the 1948 Indo-Pak war, the state of Kashmir was divided into two parts. India gave special status to its part of Kashmir. Its purpose was to hold a referendum here according to the resolutions of the United Nations. Pakistan allowed its part of Kashmir to remain independent and established its own assembly there and Kashmiris could elect their own prime minister.

Kashmir is a region on which three wars have been fought between India and Pakistan. Kashmir is divided into two parts. One part is administered by Pakistan. Pakistanis call it Azad Kashmir.
A few months ago, the American ambassador to Pakistan, visited here and he also called it Azad Kashmir.
While the other part is administered by India.
India has deployed hundreds of thousands of security forces personnel in view of the security situation in Kashmir under its administration.

It was a united state of Kashmir before 1947. But after the announcement of the British withdrawal from the sub-continent and the division of the sub-continent into two parts, there was an insurgency in the state.
The Raja of Kashmir signed a stand-by agreement with India and Pakistan. According to the agreement, the state of Kashmir was neither affiliated with India nor with Pakistan. Rather, its independent status would have been maintained.

As the Raja suppressed the people through the state forces and treated them as slaves.
For this reason, the people here wanted to get rid of the Raja of the state. since the majority of the people were Muslims, they wanted to join Pakistan.
The Raja cracked down on the people. When the people of the tribal area of Pakistan came to know that Muslims were being oppressed in Kashmir, they started moving towards Kashmir.
When the state forces faced the tribals, they started retreating. As the situation worsened, the Raja sought help from India and thus the Indian forces reached Kashmir.
After the Indian forces, the newly formed Pakistani army also entered Kashmir and the first regular war between the two countries began.

India took the matter to the United Nations. The war was stopped by the efforts of the United Nations. Armies of both countries remained where it was.In the United Nations resolutions, both countries were asked to hold a referendum in Kashmir. Pakistan happily agreed to such a referendum, but India was not ready for a referendum for the last 75 years.

The current government of India violated the UN resolutions by terminating the special status of Kashmir last year. Now the Indian Supreme Court upheld the government’s decision after a long hearing. After the end of the special status, now Indian Residents of any state can buy land and build houses in Kashmir. Which will change the entire dynamics of Kashmir’s population.


The United Nations must be concealed from democratic African wild dogs.

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