The first 100 days of the world.

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This story is not even from 1948. It is even earlier. But everyone stops on October 7. What happened on October 7? Those who were being beaten for the last century responded.

We are sorry for those who were killed in Israel on the 7th of October. And sorry without any conditions. We are sorry without any specifications. Humanity is also mourning those who are being killed in Gaza or in the West Bank.

In front of our eyes. Yes. Humanity is being trampled in front of our eyes. Everything that Hitler was planning to do is happening in front of our eyes. The end of an entire race.

You should check Netan’s statements. I don’t want to repeat them here. By quoting from his religious book, he is looking for a justification for barbarism.

You will remember that he considered himself a holy being. You will remember that he considered every non-Jew a lesser being.

October 7:

October 7. Yes. Just October 7. Before that, it was as if the world did not exist. And, as if nothing had happened. Before that, there was no history. Just 7. October. On this date, an inferior creature decided to respond to a superior creature for decades of atrocities. Their method can be debated. We are sorry for the killed civilians of Israel.

What happened after that? No, we don’t know. We don’t know anything. It is not so important to know about lesser creatures. They should die. They deserve it. Their children should be starved to death. The world’s largest news agency, the UN, has reported that 90 percent of Gaza’s people are starving. The agency further said that hospitals in Gaza are war zones.

Cruelty is what happened on October 7th in Israel. Killing is what happened on October 7th in Israel. Kidnapping is what happened on October 7th in Israel. Genocide is also probably what happened on October 7th. We regret the actions that took place in Israel on October 7.

What is Gaza? A ruin. Where a century of brutality is about to be completed. This story doesn’t just start from 1948. But even before that, something strange was happening. But the surprising thing is that this world was created on October 7, 2023. Yes, everything else is a lie, only October 7 is true. 100 days since the birth of the world has been completed. Congratulations. We have entered the second century of days.

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