Terrorist attacked a Pakistani police station. 23 killed and 34 injured.

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5 armed men of a non-state armed group attacked a police station in the northwestern province of Pakistan at 2:30 pm local time. Army personnel were also present in the police station.

An accomplice of the non-state armed men detonated a car full of explosives near the police station. Immediately after the explosion, 4 armed men attacked the security personnel and continued fighting until morning.

23 personnel of Pakistani security agencies were killed and 34 were injured due to the explosion and firing. Rescue 1122 shifted all the dead and injured to the hospital.

The responsibility of this attack has been accepted by an organization called Tehreek Jihad Pakistan. This organization has been a mystery since its inception. Pakistani and other armed organizations of Afghanistan believe that no such organization exists. While the Pakistani security agencies are still unaware of the basic structure and central roles of this organization.

After last night’s attack, the Pakistan Army launched a search-based operation in the surrounding area, in which 27 suspects have been killed so far.

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