Super Powerful Cosmic Rays “Oh My God Particle” Detected Once Again

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Scientists have observed extremely powerful cosmic rays, with an estimated energy of 240 exa-electron volts. Similar powerful rays were detected three decades ago in 1991, with an energy of 320 exa-electron volts. A ray of powerful and unknown origin has been named the “Oh My God particle.” The name cosmic ray causes a bit of confusion. They are actually high-energy subatomic particles that travel at close to the speed of light.

“It’s amazing because you have to think of what could produce such high energy,” says Australian astronomer Clancy James.

Bizarre signals

On May 27, 2021, Japan’s astronomer Toshihiro fujii was checking routine data on the Telescope Array when he received a strange signal. The signal suggested that the detector had been smashed with something super energetic.
He was a little skeptical at first and thought it might be some kind of mistech or software bug. But all the measurements were consistently giving evidence of powerful cosmic rays. The scientists named this unknown rays “Amaterasu.”

Fujii and his team tried to figure out where the rays were coming from. Finally, they came to the conclusion that they were coming from an void far in space. There were a few galaxies and stars. They tried to match the rays with those Galaxies but failed. The rays were coming from somewhere else.

Scientists still do not know the origin of these rays. Perhaps we need more modern physics to find out. Fujii and his team want to make the telescope array 4 times more powerful,so that more information can be gathered about the rays that has taken the scientific community by surprise,for more than 30 years.

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