SU-57 will now be equipped with drones.

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Russia’s fifth-generation stealth aircraft, the SU-57 will now be equipped with drones (UAV) along with missiles. Russia has developed small drones for its latest stealth aircraft, the Su-57, which can be loaded onto the aircraft for various purposes.

Russia is known for using Kamikaze drones. However, loading drones onto aircraft has strategic implications beyond their individual use. Currently, various countries are employing extremely powerful radar and air defense systems. Deceiving these systems in warfare is considered a significant achievement. Russia will now undertake the loading of drones onto its ships as part of this strategy.

According to information, the ships will release a large number of these drones. This will overwhelm the enemy’s radar, causing an overload and allowing the aircraft to breach the air defense systems and escape.

In addition to disrupting enemy radar, these drones are capable of launching attacks on them.

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