Spreading lies about Xinjiang and remain silent on Gaza is hypocrisy. Chinese Foreign Ministry

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China has long been criticized by Western countries and human rights organizations. According to them, human rights are being violated by the state in China’s Xinjiang province and Muslims are being forced to work by putting them in concentration camps. However, China says that this is all propaganda.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, it is hypocritical to spread lies about China and remain silent on the situation in Gaza. Wang Wenbin, foreign ministry’s spokesperson says: “Some countries are comfortable telling lies about genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang, but it takes them forever to acknowledge the humanitarian tragedies in places like Gaza. This is simple hypocrisy.”

Wenbin criticized the Western countries. According to him, the Western countries are completely silent on the situation in Gaza. It should be remembered that China has criticized Israel several times in the Israel-Gaza conflict and has made it clear that the implementation of the two-state solution is necessary for lasting peace in the region.

Allegations are made that in China, in the province of Xinjiang, restrictions are imposed on religious practices for people of various faiths, and it is claimed that the worst crackdown is implemented against Muslims, who constitute the majority in the Xinjiang province.

Xinjiang is the largest and most important province of China. In 1990, movements for separation from China were started by some Muslim organizations here. After which China tightened the security here. Clashes between armed groups and security agencies have led to unrest in the entire region. Security agencies quickly took control of the situation, but after that, a series of operations against Muslims in Xinjiang began, which human rights organizations and independent sources are calling genocide.

In addition, China has been accused of demolishing mosque minarets and closing down mosques and churches in some other areas. China has never given free access to the press representatives in the relevant areas.

China mimicking the US aircraft carrier.

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