Spain expels two American spies.

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Spain expels two people who spied for the US.

There is a statement from sources about this “Investigation into the spying operation began before the summer, when during a CNI security check, it was discovered that the two Spanish agents had accessed classified information that they did not need for their work, nor were authorized to know. The internal investigation confirmed that At least one of the agents, a middle-ranking official at the secret service, had been recruited by U.S. spies to obtain secret information in exchange for a large sum of money.

According to sources close to the CNI, the agent was an area chief. , one of the sections that are part of the intelligence division, while the other was his assistant.

“As soon as it was discovered, Spain informed the US of the whole affair and condemned the act. The Spanish Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed to expel the captured spies from the country.

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