SpaceX’s second starship exploded in midair.

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The second Super Heavy Starship built by SpaceX Company also failed. Earlier, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched the first Super Heavy Starship vehicle which failed shortly after launch.

After the failure of the first starship, it was expected that SpaceX would successfully launch the second starship after learning the reasons for the failure of the first, but this did not happen.

The starship consisted of two parts, one being the super-heavy booster and the other being the starship spacecraft. SpaceX says the booster exploded after the upper stage successfully separated, and about 10 minutes into the flight, operators lost contact with the ship and it was lost.

As the name suggests, these are extremely heavy and large vehicles. They are the longest, heaviest and most powerful vehicles in the space mission so far. Starships ultimately goal is to fulfill SpaceX’s ambition to colonize Mars.

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