Sexual abuse of children in madrasa

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In Chakwal, Pakistan, students of a madrasa(religious school) have filed a complaint of sexual assault against two teachers. According to sources, when a child returned home during the break and refused to go back to the madrasa, he revealed that two teachers at the madrasa were engaging in inappropriate actions with him. The child’s parent immediately went to the local police station and informed them of the situation.

Upon receiving the news, the District police officer (DPO) of Chakwal personally went to the madrasa and interviewed the children. During this inquiry, revelations surfaced that two teachers at the madrasa were committing sexual assault against the children, with physical violence during the acts. The bodies of some children were marks of cuts from teeth and knife wounds. When one child raised his hand to show the police, the word “Z” was written on it with a sharp knife. Several other children also confirmed that their bodies had been marked with knives in a similar manner.According to reports “z” is the initial word of a teacher name

The police reported that 15 children were taken for forensic tests, but parents of ten children denied having their children undergo the tests. Tests were conducted on the remaining children. The results of the tests may take up to a month to come in.

The police have taken both teachers and other staff members of the madrasa into custody. The DPO stated that they would build this case into a test case for the future.

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