Russia’s response to the Yemen attack at the UN Security Council.

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After the attack on Yemen by the US and coalition forces, Russia called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations in this regard and condemned the attack.

Today, the Russian delegate to the United Nations Security Council had to say about the attacks on Yemen by the coalition forces:

“We are not surprised by the frankly weak arguments that the United States and the United Kingdom have used to try to justify their aggression, because there are and can be no other arguments to justify it. I emphasize that there is no legal basis for their attack on sovereign Yemen.

What right to self-defense are London and Washington talking about a thousand miles from their own borders? Since when has this right been extended to commercial vessels?

It is clear that the self-proclaimed “coalition” has no legitimate mandate for the use of force. Protecting commercial navigation (attacks on which are unacceptable) is one thing, but bombing a state disproportionately and illegally is something quite different.

The Anglo-Saxon tandem and its satellites are once again flagrantly violating the UN Charter and other norms of international law, further undermining the situation in the already burning Middle East. New bombings and destruction – that is what Western “effective Middle Eastern diplomacy” is about. That’s what they actually contribute to the region.

The United States and its satellites consistently call the slaughter that Israel continues in Gaza self-defense… when it comes to Washington’s hegemonic aspirations, neither international law nor the ICJ carry any weight for Americans and their allies. This is what the US-promoted “rules-based world order” is about.

The war is spreading to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Clearly, Washington is not going to stop there.”

Even after the Security Council meeting, the US carried out strikes on Yemen and targeted various targets.

According to the Houthis of Yemen, all the interests of the US and the UK have become legitimate targets for them. The Houthis say that despite these attacks, they will not allow ships to pass through the Red Sea and will give a very strong response to these attacks.

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