Russia has not achieved any results in 2023. Zelensky

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The Ukrainian President Zelensky commented on the Russia-Ukraine situation for the year 2023.

He said: “The Russian fleet no longer dominates the Black Sea, Russia does not tell us what to export. We have received several new Patriot systems that will protect Ukraine this winter.

If it is so important to call up 450 thousand people, then who deserves the right not to be mobilized, this is a delicate question, justice is needed. Such mobilization will cost Ukraine 500 billion hryvnia. We are working on getting a 50 billion euro aid package, there are ways to get it.

What are three days like? Two years!….Russia has not achieved any results for 2023 in a year.

I don’t think that we are losing – the central regions of our country, infrastructure, roads, railways, the economy – we were in a complete blockade last winter, now the situation is not even close to that.”

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