Russia downed two Ukrainian aircraft and one of its own aircraft.

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Russia has shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets and 91 drones in the last 24 hours. The Russian air defense system has shot down one of its own Sukhoi 25 aircraft.

Ukraine has started using kamikaze drones against Russia on a large scale. In addition, Ukraine uses fighter jets along with missile attacks to destroy Russian targets.
In view of this danger, the Russian air defense system is highly active. The Russian air defense system accidentally shot down one of its Su-25 aircraft along with Ukrainian drones and aircraft in the last twenty-four hours.

The Su-25 was hit by the Buk-M3. The Buk-M3 is a new Russian air defense system. This air defense system can engage tactical and strategic aircraft, helicopters, short-range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, air-launched missiles, anti-radiation missiles, guided bombs and other aerodynamic vehicles. This air defense system can operate in heavy enemy jamming conditions.

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