Rising incidence of suicide among Turkish soldiers.4 more committed suicide.

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In a statement, Ali Tilkici, the President of the Specialist Sergeants Federation of the Turkish Army, announced that four Specialist Sergeants of the Turkish Armed Forces had committed suicide within a single day due to separate incidents in different unit.

In the last 10 years, 818 Turkish soldiers were killed in clashes, while in the same period, the number of soldiers who committed suicide amounted to 934.

A panel was formed in Turkiye to discuss this issue. It gave a statement after the investigations: “Some 42 percent of the military personnel complain of “insults”, whereas many others are psychologically exhausted of “disproportionately severe punishment”, not getting adequate health services, being “threatened”, running about high-ranking officers’ personal affairs, and sleep deprivation.”

Turkey granted citizenship to 238,000 Syrian refugees.

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