Putin talks about his mother on mother’s day.

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Today is Mother’s Day in Russia. Russian citizens celebrate the last Sunday of November as Mother’s Day.Regarding his day, an interview of President Putin has gone viral, in which Putin talks about his mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelovma, when She was trapped in the city during the blockade of Leningrad in World War II.

Putin talks about his mother, recalling those days: “Since my mother had a small child who was 3 year old,she went to see her husband in the hospital,and he secretly gave her his rations.She hid the rations and went home to survive And feed her child.But then the nurses began to notice that he was losing consciousness and fainting. They realized what was going on and stop letting her in. Mom was left alone, and soon my father was able to walk, he came to visit her and saw that she was already lying next to corpses taken out of the entrance.there was such a round regularly, sadly tragic, when they carried out dead people, because no one had the strength to carry out the dead themselves. He approached her, listened to her breathing and told the doctors that she was still alive.To which he received the answer that she would die on the way, that she would no longer survive.well, as he said then, with the help of a crutch and a well-known set of Russian words, he forced them to lift her back. He took care of her, she remained alive.”

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It was feared that the Russian economy would collapse.Putin’s secretary

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