Protest against the Yemen attack in front of the White House.

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US citizens protested in front of the White House against the attack on Yemen.

Yemen’s Houthis have been attacking international commercial ships in the Red Sea for the past few months, after which the US and its allies’ navies attacked various Houthis facilities tonight, according to local time. These attacks were criticized by Donald Trump.

Trump said that he is the only president in recent history who did not attack any country during his presidency, but he withdrew his forces from different countries.

American citizens already express outrage against their tax dollars being used to defend other countries. In addition, the majority of Americans do not accept the Biden administration’s policy regarding Israel-Palestine in the Middle East.

Now the citizens have started a mass protest against the strike in Yemen and some are recording the protest in front of the White House.

“The Biden-Harris Administration will continue to lead the fight to defend our fundamental freedoms.”
The White House said.

This shows that the Biden administration will not yield to public pressure and will try to continue such attacks when necessary.

After the strike on Yemen, World War 3 started trending on X/Twitter along with Yemen and Houthis.

The White House warned North Korea after the strike on Yemen by saying: “We will target anyone who poses a threat to the United States, and the North Korean regime must carefully consider what we and our partners have done against the sources of the threat in Yemen.”

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