Presidential elections in the shadow of dictatorship in Egypt.

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Elections started today in Egypt, which will continue until December 12. Four candidates are participating in the presidential race, one of whom is the current president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Sisi has worked in various positions in the Egyptian army. After the revolution of 2011, Mohamed Morsi won the elections and became the president, then he made Sisi the defense minister. In 2012, Al-Sisi became the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian army. He wielded considerable power as commander-in-chief and defense minister. He eventually overthrew Mohamed Morsi and resigned from the army to run for presidential election in the 2014. He won the election by a 97% margin and became Egypt’s president.
In 2018, he again won the elections.

In the recent elections in Egypt, President Sisi is once again a presidential candidate and sources have already confirmed that he will win the elections with a huge majority. This is because Sisi has established a totalitarian regime in Egypt. There is democracy in Egypt but just of name. At the moment, Sisi’s strongest opponent and well-known political figure, Ahmed Al-Tantawi, is in custody and is not allowed to contest the election. His party was subjected to the worst crackdown during the election campaign. Sisi kicked him out of politics before the elections.

Sisi’s victory is once again certain. Because the candidates who are standing against him are not so well-known. They haven’t much support to defeat Sisi. On the other hand, all state resources are being used in Sisi’s favor.

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