Preparations to deprive Hungary of its vote in the European Union.

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EU member states plan to deprive Hungary from voting.

If any single EU member opposes certain policies, it is considered a veto and the policies fail.
Hungary opposes various measures in the EU to fund Ukraine, after which those measures fail.

Other member states are now preparing to strip Hungary of its right to vote. The EU may implement Article 7 of the 2007 treaty on Hungary. Which allows a country to be deprived of its voting rights in connection with a violation of European law.

Under this article, voting takes place in the European Union to deprive an EU member country of its vote. If any other country opposes it, then the member country cannot be deprived of its vote.

But no one in Europe was supporting Hungary except the previous Polish government for not giving aid to Ukraine. Now the government in Poland has changed and the new prime minister is an enthusiastic supporter of giving aid to Ukraine.

Hungary currently does not want to see Ukraine in the European Union.

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