Preparation for FISA extension. Americans’ privacy is at risk.

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Republicans are going to extend the “foreign intelligence surveillance act” soon.The FISA Reform Bill has been presented in the Congress.

Elizabeth Goitein said yesterday: “Buried in the House intelligence committee’s Section 702 ‘reform’ bill, which is scheduled for a floor vote as soon as tomorrow (12/12/23), is the biggest expansion of surveillance inside the United States since the Patriot Act,”

The “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” was enacted in 1978 and was intended to collect information about foreign powers and their agents. Those acting against the US or US citizens were to be monitored under this Act.

FISA is renewed every five years. But now the government has decided that it will be renewed for 9 years and the law enforcement will be given the authority to monitor the citizens. After this, authorities will be able to access the digital information of citizens anytime, anywhere and monitor them without any warrant or apparent reason.

Congressman Michael Cloud says: “Will not vote for any bill that continues to allow warrantless spying on Americans through FISA. The right to privacy is non-negotiable.”

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