Papua New Guinea riots. Emergency declared. Officials suspended.

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In Australia’s neighboring country, Papua New Guinea, riots erupted in cities following protests and police walkouts.

The government of Papua New Guinea imposed a variety of pay cuts in response to which government officials protested on Wednesday.
Hundreds of police officers, soldiers, prison staff, and public servants walked off their jobs in protest over a pay dispute.

After the police stopped working, people took the law into their own hands and started various mischievous activities in which 15 people were killed and many were injured. The shops in Port Moresby, the capital of the country, were looted. The emergency services officials began to assess the situation and do immediate relief operations.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape said in a news conference: “Police were not at work yesterday in the city and people resorted to lawlessness — not all people, but in certain segments of our city.”

CNN affiliate Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reported that at least 8 people had been killed in Port Moresby, while Acting Metropolitan Superintendent of Lae Central Command, James Luan, told CNN that four had died in Lae, the capital of Morobe Province.

The Prime Minister of New Guinea on Thursday declared a state of emergency in the country and suspended the officials of the police and other agencies.

PM James Marape told a press conference that he had suspended Papua New Guinea’s chief of police and top bureaucrats in the finance and treasury departments while the government conducts a review into the cause of the riots.

Australia’s reaction

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appealed for calm and said there had been no calls for help from his neighboring country.

Anthony Albanese’s words make it clear that if New Guinea asks Australia for help to stop the riots. The Albanese administration will provide them with all facilities. A few weeks ago, there was also an incident in Australia when policemen protested for a pay rise and left their jobs.

A third force is behind the opposition riots in Serbia.

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