Oregon’s hero: saves a baby from being electrocuted. 3 other died

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Majiah Washington, a young American girl, was hailed as a hero for saving a child from a downed power line during a snowstorm in Oregon.

Majiah Washington is 18 years old, say that she saw a flash of light outside her house during the storm and when she looked out , a power line was down on a car.

After that, she saw the child’s father getting out of the car, who was trying to walk on the icy road with the child, but he slipped on the ice and his foot touched a downed power line. The child’s 21-year-old mother tried to reach the child but she too slipped and was electrocuted by the power line. Seeing all this, the mother’s 15-year-old brother ran out to help. However, he too accidentally slipped and touched the wire.

Washington said she was on the phone with an emergency dispatch operator and acted on her instincts when she saw the baby moving.

“I thought I have a nephew, I have younger brothers, I would like someone to do the same thing,” she told reporters at a news conference.

She saw the child moving and realized that he was alive. After that, she decided to save the child and slipped out of the house and reached the scene. Fortunately, she was safe from the electric current and rescued the child from the father’s arms.

“I was bent over, I was kind of sliding, I used my hands to hold on,” Majiah said and I did not fall on his father, but my hands fell on him and I held the child.”

The child was taken to the hospital where he was examined and now he is recovering.

Portland Fire and Rescue says they don’t know how Miss Washington and the baby didn’t get electrocuted.

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