OpenAI Unveils AI Sora: Creating Realistic Videos Raises Concerns and Awe

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ChatGPT said in a blog post on Thursday that ‘with the help of a tool called AI Sora, a video of up to 60 seconds can be created, which will include ‘highly detailed scenes, complex camera movements and many characters with strong expressions of emotion.’

OpenAI has shared several videos created using the AI tool that look completely real, which has left viewers in awe.

A video shared shows two people who appear to be a couple. They are walking on a snowy street in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. While walking, their backs are towards the ‘camera’.

This video is produced with the help of detailed text. According to text: ‘The beautiful, snowy city of Tokyo is baronique. The camera is on a busy city street with many people enjoying the beautiful snowy weather and shopping at nearby stalls. The beautiful leaves of the cherry tree are blowing in the wind with cheeks of snow.

The announcement of this artificial intelligence tool has raised concerns among many social media users. Especially during a presidential election year in the US when Sora will likely be introduced to the public.

Experts have already raised a number of concerns about the misuse of such artificial intelligence technology, including the role of deepfake videos and chatbots in spreading political disinformation ahead of elections.

Rachel Toback, a member of the US government’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Technical Advisory Council, posted on X that “My biggest concern is how this content can be used to deceive, manipulate, access sensitive information and confuse the public.”

Although OpenAI acknowledges the risks associated with widespread use of the tool, it says: “taking a number of important safeguards before making Sora part of OpenAI’s products,” Toback said that he is “still concerned.”

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